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Our professional staff in the warehouse and ordering department can receive and manage the client inventory for any project. We can provide real time inventory control to minimize cost and storage space to keep your projects running efficiently.


NXT is proud to have a collective team with many years of experience in the wireless industry. Whether 3G/4G/5G/6G upgrades, tower erection, or backhal, we can build or maintain whatever the client may need.


NXT is proud to have BICSI certified technicians supported by our own staff RCDD team member every step of the way. There is no job in the telecom or broadband industry that our team cannot solve and bring value to.


  • Bentley BSTCAD/MicroStation, AutoCAD, Opti-X and other carrier specific proficiencies

  • Records management and posting services

  • GIS Mapping

  • Make ready preperations

  • Manhole Detail Diagrams / Butterfly Prints


  • Public and private right of way acquisition

  • Easement acquisition

  • Surveys

  • Local, county and state permitting

  • Pole and bridge attachment permitting


  • Cable location services

  • As-built redlines and documentation

  • Construction quality control services

  • Alternate engineering solution and consultation

  • Construction Project Administrators / Inspectors

  • Rodding crews

  • Marker crews


we provide Planning and Engineering ICT-M services to a local, regional or national footprint within the United States.

  • OSP/ISP/ICT-M Planning support services

  • OSP design and engineering

  • FTTX, FTTCS, IPTV and GPON expertise

  • Turnkey OSPE Managed Services

  • Carrier design services

  • Osmose OCALC Pole Loading

  • Safety inspections

  • Facilities auditing

  • ISP/OSP design


We provide Construction and Installation service capabilities currently to a local and NW regional basis of the United States for fixed and wireless operators.

  • OSP managed services

  • Master engineering support

  • Quality Auditing (QA) services

  • Quality Control (QC) services

  • Qualified & Certified Technicians on staff


We have extensive knowledge and hands on experience in the plan, design and build of Next Generation Access infrastructure.

  • Staff Augmentations

  • Planning/Feasibility Studies

  • Consulting

  • Records conversion, data migration and posting

  • Custom training


NXT's core values underscore and support its vision and mission to be a world leader in engineering and construction through its commitment of:

  •  Striving to excel at what really matters and aspire to greatness.

  • Treating all individuals with dignity and respect, critiquing fairly and impartially, encouraging without reservation.

  • Embracing the differences in each person and recognizing that multiple perspective enhance creativity.

  • Encouraging innovation, demonstrating a willingness to take risks and persisting in the face of challenges to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Although we have the ability to Plan / Design / Furnish Materials / Construct / Install projects from the Central Office to the End-User in the ICT industry, we can only do this because we understand the Next Generation technology.

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