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Our team is composed of industry proven leaders recognized for our devotion to our clients, commitment to excellence, enthusiasm for learning, and ethical behavior.

NXT can provide a complete end-to-end, turnkey solution for telecommunication network providers. The service offering to our clients can be catered to  encompass a total scope of work or components that can include planning, design, furnishing, and install of EF&I programs.



  • OSP/ISP/ICT-M Fiber Optic and Copper Installation

  • Underground/Buried/MDU/SFU Environments Underground Raceway Construction

    • Horizontal Directional Drilling​

    • Trenching

  • Construction Plans

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Professional Engineer Review and Stamping

  • Permitting Services

  • Project Management

  • Documentation for Building Right of Entry


NXT is ready to partner with you to make your next project a success. We have the ability to deliver the EF&I process to our customers from the central office to the end user by truly understanding the next generation technology. By having a clear vision of the technology and the network we are designing, we can offer our customers the peace of mind and trust they deserve.  We will build it right.  Every time.


NXT's core values underscore and support its vision and mission to be a world leader in engineering and construction through its commitment of:

  •  Striving to excel at what really matters and aspire to greatness.

  • Treating all individuals with dignity and respect, critiquing fairly and impartially, encouraging without reservation.

  • Embracing the differences in each person and recognizing that multiple perspective enhance creativity.

  • Encouraging innovation, demonstrating a willingness to take risks and persisting in the face of challenges to achieve the seemingly impossible.

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